Lunch Time Supervision & Fees

Lunch Room Policy

Our goal is to provide our children with a pleasant and safe environment during the lunch hour. In order to accomplish this, every child is expected to follow these basic rules:

  1. Children should eat their lunches at their assigned seat and tidy up when finished eating.
  3. Children should show courtesy and good manners to other children, and to their lunch monitors. This includes listening to and following the instructions of the lunch monitors.
  4. Throwing food or other objects is not permitted. Similarly, yelling and running around in the lunch room or in the hallways is not permitted.
  5. Children may not leave the lunch room without the permission of the lunch monitors, and must carry a pass at all times.
  6. In the schoolyard, children are expected to play appropriately and have fun without interfering in the play of others.
  7. Children who consistently create a situation that jeopardizes a pleasant lunch period may be asked to eat at a different desk, or in a different room.
  8. Since the children play outside for half of the 55 minute-lunch period, it is important that parents verify their children's clothing to be sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather.
  9. Children will not be permitted to remain indoors unless there is a legitimate medical reason for doing so.
  10. If it is raining or very cold outside, the children will remain indoors with their lunch monitors.
  11. For safety and security reasons, MICROVAWES ARE NOT available at our school.
Lunch Time

At lunch time, all students eat in the gym with the exception of Pre-K and Kindergarten, who eat in their classrooms. As to what to eat, students have two options when it comes to lunch:

  • they may bring a full lunch;
  • or they may purchase a hot meal for $6.50 through a catering service. A monthly menu is sent home, and meals are selected in advance by the parents. Please note that all payments go directly to the caterer.

The paid hot meals lunch provider is Le Doral. Parents can refer to their website for information (about the company, policy and other useful information). 

Le Doral Introduction letter 2022-23 (English)

Hot Meal Information

The paid hot meals lunch provider is Le Doral.


Parents are able to place their orders and pay on-line thus providing faster and more efficient service.
The meal cost for 2022-23 will be 6.50$. Additional charges may apply for meals with dietary
Payment options are Credit Cards & Paypal.
The on-line system provides parents with additional information and many helpful features.


Parents can refer to their website and
Please register on-line at:

Le Doral Introduction Letter 2022-23 (English)

Milk Program

Starting in October, and until the month of May, free milk is distributed in the morning.