Dress Code / School Colours

The purpose of having a dress code for our children is to instill in them a sense of belonging and identity. This fosters a good educational atmosphere which promotes success.

All students, from K4 to level 6, are required to adhere to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau dress code:

  • Solid white or navy tops and solid navy blue bottoms 
  • Cardigan sweater and sweatshirt in solid blue or white.
  • Jeans are not permitted on regular school days.
  • T-shirt with pictures, slogans and designer/trade name logos are not permitted.
  • Tank tops or camisoles with thin straps, or excessively tight clothing are not permitted.
  • Expensive jewellery and/or costume jewellery should not be worn, as the school is not responsible for loss or theft of such items.
  • Children should not be encouraged to wear make-up or nail polish to school.
  • Flip-flop sandals and open toe shoes are not permitted. Shoes and socks should be worn at all times. In the winter months, pupils are required to wear boots. They must have shoes to change into. Boots are not permitted in the classroom.
  • If your child does not know yet how to tie their shoes, please send them to school with shoes that tie with Velcro. Too often children forget to ask for help, and they may fall if they step on an untied shoe lace.

When you are purchasing accessories for your children please buy apparels respecting school colours. It is so pleasing to see all the children in similar colours, and it also avoids arguments at home over what to wear. During the year, there are certain dress down days when children may wear school appropriate clothing other than white and blue. For example, they may wear red on Valentine’s Day and green on St. Patrick’s Day. These colour days as well as dress down days will be announced in the monthly newsletter.