P. E. Trudeau Governing Board

Governing boards bring together parents, school staff,  and community members who work in partnership towards the primary goal of making decisions that benefit our students.

Members 2021-22

(Chairperson & Parent Delegate) Daniel Tatone
Secretary Jan Barbieri 
Treasurer Christi Milsom 

Parent Members

Parents Georges Mitchell 
Parents Jonathan Stein 
Parents Kathleen De Melo 
Parents Jasmin Legatos 

Community Representatives

Jonathan Marcanio 
Organization Metro Marcanio 

Staff Members

Teacher/Enseignant(e)s Laura Annie Bouffard 
Teacher/Enseignant(e)s Natasha Benvenuto 
Teacher/Enseignant(e)s Mary Carone 
Teacher/Enseignant(e)s Patty Foschi 
Teacher/Enseignant(e)s Michael L'Altrella 
Support Staff Mary Nitti-De Palma
Daycare Staff Member Mara Filippone