Welcome to Homework Zone!

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What is Homework Zone?

Homework Zone is a free after-school youth education program meant to help your child (from grades 3 to 6) achieve their potential through a one-on-one mentorship with a McGill student. The purpose of HZ is to lead children to have a positive experience with homework by building their self-confidence and independence.

What will my child be doing?

In the first half of HZ, your child will be working with their McGill mentors to complete their homework. In the second half, they will participate in creative challenges that have them working with their mentors to develop their problem- solving skills. A previous creative challenge had them construct spheres using only bent straws and tape. Occasionally, members of the community will lead various different activities (dance, art).

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Who will be at Homework Zone?

A teacher from P.E.T. Elementary will always be present at Homework Zone. A McGill volunteer coordinator, as well as several McGill mentors will attend each session. Everyone present will have conducted their police check form prior to interacting with your child.

What will my child get from their HZ experience?

Your child will receive individual, focused attention to help them with their homework. Alongside their mentor, they will learn work and social practices to help them in their academic and social lives.

At the end of the year, Homework Zone students will be invited onto McGill campus for an interactive experience! They will be able to visit McGill facilities and partake in workshops designed by McGill student groups. Some past workshops have been led by McGill Chemistry, Robotics, or Theatre groups.

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